Predict the Super Bowl Champions and Win a Free T-shirt from Old Glory!

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl? Enter below and tell us for your chance to win a  Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49ers T-shirt!


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Any questions? Ask them in a comment!

Earth, Wind, and Solar: Earth Day 2012

Trees are flowering, birds are singing, people are starting to act a little crazy… It looks like April! We live in such a beautiful world. But there’s always room for improvement. Earth Day is April 22. How will you honor that? We say let’s leave April just a little more beautiful than we found it.

Pledge to do one thing a little bit greener this month. Maybe ride your bike to work, or use a refillable water bottle. Then, tell us about it in a comment on one of our social sites including this very blog post! That’s it! You’re entered.

Win What?

Grand Prize $25 Gift Certificate and one of the two featured t-shirts. 1st Runner Up $10 Gift Certificate and a  t-shirt.

Bonus Prizes: Additional t-shirts as well as the opportunity to promote something of your own through our social sites(post a link to your show, business, likes and #FF’s) will go to the three people who create the most buzz about the campaign online. I will be tracking. ;)

In order to enter, you must be engaged with us on one or more of the following social networks:


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Now, you don’t have to comment on everything, but you do have to comment on something. 


Winners will be chosen by on April 23rd. Prizes will be distributed the following week after verification. Employees of Red Rocket Merchandising Coorporation and all it’s subsidiaries, past and present, are not eligible. Prizes will only be mailed to valid US addresses. APO addresses and mail forwarding companies will not be shipped to.

My Favorite T-Shirt Ever…..

Every t-shirt tells a story. Old Glory currently stocks 11,575 different men’s short-sleeved tees alone. So many stories. Sometimes they come from something that happened while you were wearing it. Sometimes it’s the memories the image on the shirt evokes. As an 80′s baby, this one does that for me:

A silly little t-shirt can be a magical thing. It can start a friendship, end a feud, or even bring someone closure. With all hands on deck during the holiday season, I spoke to and emailed with thousands of customers and was reminded just how much the exact right shirt can mean. Especially when it is a gift. So this is our gift to you.

This morning I ran a Facebook contest to finish this sentence:

My favorite t-shirt ever…..

The best sentence won a $10 gift card to There were so many great responses. But this is one of the coolest sentences I’ve ever seen:

“My favorite t-shirt ever was the Ramones–It had Iggy Pop’s blood on it from slam dancing. Lost during a frat party, oddly enough.” – Wendina M. Ubaghs

Here’s the assignment:

Write me a short (250 words or so) blog post that starts with that sentence. Tell me a story. Winner will receive a $25 gift card, publication with their byline and a short author bio, promotion across all of our social media channels, and my undying love and affection.

Wait, what?

Get creative, people.