We Love You, Jerry!

RIP Jerry Garcia, who passed away on this day in 1995.

Our first retail location opened in 1969 and sold primarily Grateful Dead merchandise. We’ve gotten a bit bigger since then, but we owe our roots to the inspirational musicians of the Grateful Dead, and Jerry Garcia in particular.

So here’s to you, Jerry! You’re still inspiring us as a company, and your fans worldwide!

Our Favorite Customer Service Emails, Take Two

We get hundreds of customer service emails a week at Old Glory – thousands during the Holiday season. Most of them are pretty standard, but from time to time they’re worth reading aloud to anyone who will listen at our headquarters. These are those emails. You can see last year’s post on the same subject here.


1. Memories, like the corners of my mind…

I just purchased this item and had to send you an email. I live in Los Angeles, but grew up a deadhead from Southington CT. When I saw the email confirmation that said Old Glory, I just had to reach out to say what a small world and what a huge part of High School / growing up Old Glory, in Old Saybrook, was for me. Thanks for the great t-shirt and awesome memories! – Professor_Falcon


2. Is That A Euphemism?



I recently ate for the first time your Mixed Greens and I must say they are as close to my Mom’s as you can get.  No one would believe they came out of a can..  I am so excited about trying more of your products.

My Mom was a southern girl from the Delta. Born and raised in Iuka. Ms.  She married a military man and we wound up in MN.  After many years there and her being homesick we all worked our way back south.  I grew up on the “southern” way of cooking and I do believe “Old Glory” has hit the nail on the head!

I enjoyed reading the “family history/background and I know y’all are very proud of what you have created in the line of ‘southern’ foods.

Thank you

*This is the first time on record that we have been confused with Old Glory BBQ in D.C.


3. Anger Management Fail

You stupid BASTARDS!!! I just spent 35
minutes trying to order 2 t shirts. You
keep asking for this info and that info/
FUCK YOU!!! I gave up and ordered them
some where else. Maybe you stupid FUCKS
should ease
up on your ordering process.


Old Glory on Spotify! Oh, and here’s $10…

Had to interrupt the regularly scheduled holiday season craziness to provide an update that doesn’t involve a shipping date or tracking number. We’ve joined Spotify! There hasn’t been much time to play around with it yet, but we’ve started a few playlists based on the bands whose merchandise we sell the most. So far there’s a Grateful Dead list, AC/DC, and Pink Floyd. There is also one our photographer made called The Classics. A while back I made a M song Monday playlist which I wrote about here.

Spotify is such a wonderful and easy way to discover, share, and listen to music. I shouldn’t have been surprised to see how many of our friends on Facebook are already using it. After all, the one thing that we all have in common is the love of good music.

Would love to hear your ideas and suggestions in the comments! Share some music with us! I’ll be adding songs and creating new lists sporadically throughout the rest of the season, after which there will be more time to devote to the project.

I guess you guys liked the catalog. I mean, you really, really liked it. The phones don’t stop, but we certainly aren’t complaining. Our staff pulls together as a team to get it all accomplished every year, and it’s not unusual to see the head of HR answering a phone call or the CEO in the warehouse packing orders. And pizza. Lots and lots of pizzas.

Also be sure to check the site for a different sale every week this month.

Oh, there goes the phone! Back to Christmas elf mode!

Almost forgot! Enter the promo code HOHOHO at checkout to take $10 off any order of $40 or more.

Happy Holidays! Be sure to eat, drink, and wear Jerry!